The War between Social Media Engagement and Social Media Data


Results, results, results! Every time a campaign is launched, a post made, or a page made live, social media experts and even clients make the success of that trend about numbers. The rate of any social media activity is only boiled down to the number of likes on the page. Every activity on social media has only been headed towards how many followers has the page gained.

But, what needs to be really pondered upon is even if your posts have reached a certain target audience, how many of the audience has really consumed your offering. Say for example, your posts reached around 40K audience and received only 2 likes and some comments, does this mean that the posts run was a success? Definitely, NO! Social media marketing has undoubtedly become the strongest online marketing tool in recent times. Statistically speaking, over 50 million small businesses use Facebook pages to create business awareness among the people and 4 million of them pay for advertising on Facebook. With such humongous numbers, it is quite expected that businesses are now only focused on the number of followers and the reach and with this the engagement factor has somehow got sidelined. What importantly matter is how many of the reached target audience could remember the post long after it popped on their screens.

Building a connection with the audience is very important and hence engagement posts are what every business needs to pay heed to.

Here are some reasons why social media engagement is more important than social media data:

Expanded Market Reach:

A good content is something that stays with the viewer long after they have skipped your post.  RECALL! Your posts wouldn’t hold any value if most of your target audience can’t recall what they saw. It is believed that more than 50% of the sales that take place on Facebook occur through a shared post of a friend or relative. And this will happen only when the customer can relate to your brand. Your posts don’t have the shelf life of only a day, but it is supposed to stay with the viewers for a long time. Your posts aren’t just meant for the day; they should hold significance and get displayed on the news feed through different sources. The key to make this happen is to ensure if the content pushed is likeable by the target audience.

Acceptance of the brand:

Running adverts would have got you millions of followers, but their loyalty to your brand is a matter of concern. If you are running an advert that doesn’t resonate well with the audience, there are high chances that they might not remember your product or brand for a long time. This just implies that your expenditure didn’t meet the expected returns.

Facebook displays the Ads according to the content that seems relevant to the users. If people are following your page and they do not find anything to which they can relate, they might hide your posts from their feed which in turn sends a negative feedback of your page to Facebook. Hence, acceptance of the brand is very important to boost your sales through social media which can be achieved only when your Facebook users are engaged on your posts and page.

Higher ROI is the key

Most of the marketers are of the opinion that ROI is more important than engagement. What they fail to understand is higher ROI would only be possible through better engagement. Once Facebook analyses that people are getting heavily engaged with your posts, the cost of running adverts also drops down. In a low budget, you can then target more people and thus build more engagement. This serves as a victory situation for your brand, because now you get more on spending a small amount.

According to statistics, most of the people buy a product on the basis of recommendation from their friends or families. Mostly on a newsfeed, a user comes across something what his friends list has shared, on their newsfeed. Promotion through greater reach is important, but what is more important is how that reach resonates with your brand. In the end, it’s a game of RECALL!


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